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Featured Sermon Videos

"Broken - Part 4: Who Is God After We Sin?", Dr. Pat Sparks

"Broken - Part 3: Who Is God When We Sin?", Dr. Pat Sparks

"Broken - Part 2: Who Am I After I Sin?",
Dr. Pat Sparks

"Broken - Part 1: Who Am I When I Sin?",
Dr. Pat Sparks

"Traveling the Wesleyan Way",
Bishop Scott Jones

"Remember Your Baptism", Dr. Pat Sparks

"New Year, New You", Rev. Mark Welshimer

"This Changes Everything - Part 4: On the Horizon", Russell LaGrone

"This Changes Everything - Part 3: Children of God", Rev. Kris Bagley

"This Changes Everything - Part 2: The Quiet Yes", Rev. Jamison Doehring

"This Changes Everything - Part 1: Wait, But Why?", Rev. Nathan Bledsoe

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