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Featured Sermon Videos

"River of Life", Dr. Pat Sparks

"The Best Gift", Dr. Pat Sparks

"Merry Christmas. Still.", Rev. Nathan Bledsoe

"The Journey - Part 5: With Jesus", Dr. Pat Sparks

"The Journey - Part 4: To the Manger", Rev. Kris Bagley

"The Journey - Part 3: With Elizabeth", Dr. Pat Sparks

"The Journey - Part 2: With Joseph", Dr. Pat Sparks

"The Journey - Part 1: With Mary", Rev. Kim Meyers Poer

"Who Died and Made Him King?", Dr. Pat Sparks

"Who?", Rev. Nathan Bledsoe

"A Veteran's Story", Rev. Bob Kristensen

"Communion With the Saints", Dr. Pat Sparks

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