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Our congregation heads out into the community four times a year over a weekend to worship with their hearts and hands. With a wide variety of projects, we are connecting our community with God's love.

Serving is a crucial part of the faith of so many of us at St. Peter's, and finding ways to help people to be the Church without any walls all year long is one of our first priorities as your Missions Team.

Instead of one Sunday a year in which we do not hold worship services, we will have four weekend-long Church Without Walls events that include a wide variety of opportunities to serve and go out into the community. 


If you have any other questions or would like to speak with someone regarding this, please contact the church office at (281) 492-8031, ext. 316.


 Compassion Katy

Houston Habitat for Humanity and Compassion Katy have formed a partnership to start making real and important change in our Katy area. Many people are unaware of the poverty and sub-standard living conditions affecting many Katy residents. Habitat builds homes that help transform lives, neighborhoods and communities.



Fondren Apartment Ministry

St. Peter’s has a covenant partnership with the Fondren Apartment Ministry in southwest Houston. Two of our members live full time in FAM’s intentional community. FAM is building Christian community among the refugee population living in the Los Arcos Apartments on Fondren Road through community gatherings, English classes, and other new and growing discipleship and education ministries. We are the first church to enter into a covenant partnership with FAM beyond their mother church, Westbury UMC. Because of this, exactly how we will do ministry together, learn from each other, and grow is still very much in the beginning stages. 


Christ Clinic 

Christ Clinic provides medical care for those who are uninsured or under-insured. St. Peter’s partners with Christ Clinic through our community garden, which provides fresh produce for their patients, and through providing foot care kits for people with diabetes. We also have volunteered to help with construction and maintenance projects at their facility. Individual members of St. Peter’s volunteer at Christ Clinic on a regular basis, and we support this organization monetarily.




Monty Ballard YMCA at Cinco Ranch

During our Church Without Walls events, we send teams to the YMCA’s Camp Cinco to perform cleanup and maintenance. Before the start of school, we collect school supplies to be given to children in Katy area school districts.






First for Food

Image - SVDPSt. Peter's supports the Society of St. Vincent de Paul with its First for Food monthly food collection. Food collections and financial donations are provided to this organization to help families in the Katy area improve their quality of life. In addition to providing food, SVDP also offers qualified assistance with utility bills, mortgage/rent, gas, furniture, counseling, job search and other needs. 



Helping Kids Ministry

Helping Kids LogoThe Helping Kids Ministry provides assistance for homeless children and their families within the Katy ISD school system. If you would like to shop for clothes or be put on the e-mail list to be contacted when needs arise, please contact the church office at 281.492-8031.




UM Army
U.M. ARMY stands for United Methodist Action Reach-Out Mission by Youth. U.M. ARMY’s mission is “to provide Christ-centered quality youth work camps that serve people in need and promote spiritual growth and leadership development in youth.”

 Image - UM Army 3St. Peter’s students (who have completed at least one year of high school) and adults participate in U.M. ARMY for a week each summer, providing home repairs and maintenance for those who are unable to help themselves. U.M. ARMY is an opportunity to experience Christian growth through mission, worship and fellowship.  
Visit the main U.M. ARMY Website here.



Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery
Teams of volunteers go out to serve by doing cleanup and rebuilding for victims of hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding. St. Peter’s is currently working projects associated with the flooding in the Houston and Katy area. Past project support has had our teams working recovery associated with Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ike, and tornado recovery in the Moore, Oklahoma area. We work through Disaster Recovery, an organization of the Texas Annual Conference.  




ZOE is a distinctive three-year program, developed in Africa that empowers orphans and vulnerable children around the world to overcome extreme poverty, become fully self-reliant, and learn of God’s love for them. Active in Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Liberia, Guatemala and India, ZOE has approximately 28,000 children currently enrolled.

St. Peter’s is currently sponsoring the Precious-Giekuri group in Kenya. There are 105 children in the group and St. Peter’s will sponsor them for three years. At the end of the program the children will be completely self-sufficient. For more information on ZOE, you can visit zoehelps.org.


Hempstead, Jamaica 

Image - Jamaica2

St. Peter’s is involved with a United Methodist church and school in Hampstead, Jamaica, with monetary support plus yearly trips by our high school seniors to do work and bring supplies during spring break. A summer trip has also been added to do Vacation Bible School with the children, as well as doing repairs as needed.