Welcome to St. Peter's United Methodist Church - Katy, TX 77450

What We Believe

Human beings are the crown of God's creation of the world.  God is the giver of life and the Creator of all things good.  Every person is a special child of God.  Because all persons are our brothers and sisters, we will work to bring them to the love of Christ, to bring about justice and equality, to be messengers of peace, and to bear each other's burdens. 

Where We Have Been

St. Peter’s began with a small group of 17 dedicated individuals that met together in West Memorial Elementary School in June 1977. Today, we have a membership of about 3,500. St. Peter's has become a cornerstone of faith for the Katy Christian community.

Construction on the first church facilities included a sanctuary (now Lott Hall) and the first phase of the children's education building. The membership at that time was 337. At the close of the Palm Sunday service in 1980, the congregation literally packed up their belongings and moved to the present church site. The first services in our own building were celebrated on Easter Sunday 1980.

The church continued a remarkable growth period throughout the 1980s, acquiring three temporary buildings along with the use of Taylor High School for adult Sunday School classes. The Wesley Building was completed in August 1991 and provided space for students on Sundays and adults during the week. The building also offered office space and housed the church library. In 1995, the current sanctuary building was completed to meet the needs of more than 3,000 members. The new building also contained nursery facilities, adult education classrooms, a music complex, and a parlor/bridal room. In 2003, an expansion to the children's education building was completed along with the addition of a church office area.

Where We Are Now

At St. Peter’s our mission is to connect the world with God’s love. We do this through ministries offered on our campus as well as by going out into our community and the world to connect people with God’s love. Through six worship services, we encourage each other to gather together as brothers and sisters in Christ. Through numerous education and small group opportunities for all ages, we encourage each other to grow in our faith. Through mission and outreach, we encourage each other to share God’s love with others through care and prayer ministries and missions. Through sacrificial giving we encourage each other to change lives for the better.

In 2014 we completed additions to expand our facilities for children, students and music. We now have a dedicated worship space for SPLASH, our children’s worship time. We also have a new assembly room/gym for our student worship, programs and events. Our choirs and orchestra have improved rehearsal and storage areas. And our new nursery is more centrally located and spacious to better serve our families with young children.

We have also opened an expansion campus in the West Katy area. St. Peter's West Campus will serve those residing in this fast-growing part of our community.