Who We Are

Our Special Needs Ministry welcomes children, teens, and adults with special needs into the community of our church. We strive to provide safe, calming, and welcoming programs so all of God’s children feel they belong. 


Our Goals

• To reach out to the community and provide a safe and loving environment where people with special needs or disabilities can worship God, grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ, and discover their purpose within the church.
• To provide programs that nurture each person’s needs, skills, and abilities while they grow in faith and love for God.
• To provide an opportunity for people with special needs to worship, study the Bible, and serve in a way that is accessible and safe for the them.
• To provide families of people with special needs the opportunity to be able to participate in the life of the church as well as know their family member is loved and cared for and growing in their faith as they are.

Ministry Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an environment that is welcoming and as inclusive as possible to enable people of all abilities and gifts to participate in St. Peter’s vision of offering the grace of God to all people.


Planning to Visit St. Peter's?

We are so glad that you will be visiting us for the first time! Prior to your visit, we ask that you contact Whitney Peper at wpeper@stpkaty.org so we can make sure we meet your loved one’s needs as you worship with us at any of our venues or campuses.



Sunday School with Special Needs

Meeting Location: Room 133 (First floor Children's Building, SPLASH Entrance)

Members and guests of all ages with special needs have the option to attend a Sunday School class designed for them and led by trained volunteers and staff. They may also be mainstreamed with an assigned buddy depending on their level. They will have the opportunity to spend time in our sensory/quiet area as needed. Click below to learn more about Special Needs Children's Sunday School.


Courage Worship:

Courage is a worship service with and by the special needs community. This service currently meets on Sundays at 5 p.m. in Asbury Hall. This service features all the elements of our other worship services, but is shorter and adapted to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all people.


Friday Night Friends is a respite care night for children with special needs and their siblings. Fun activities are provided for the children while their parents have a night out. We will resume our meetings in August. Please contact Rev. Whintey Peper with any questions!

H20 Program

H20 is a respite program for adults with special needs. This program provides interactive games, crafts, lessons, music, and special outings to allow its members to engage with others and grow in their skills and faith. This program meets every Friday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Wesley Student Center. Please fill out the forms below and bring them when you arrive.

Special Needs Parent Support Group

Parenting in the best of circumstances can be hard; when you are a parent of a child, teen, or adult with special needs, it can be overwhelming. St. Peter's is starting a support group for special needs parents. It will be open to parents with children of all ages and of any need. Members of this group will meet to support each other, pray with each other, laugh, and cry as needed. If you are interested in being a part of this support group, please e-mail Whitney Peper at wpeper@stpkaty.org.

Support Groups

We have a variety of support groups for parents, siblings, and caregivers of those with special needs. These groups meet throughout the week at various times. More information can be found by clicking below.